equalizer in vlc player

each time vlcplayer plays a new file i have to set the equalizer, is there any way i can permanently set the equalizer.
is there any equalizer plugin for amarok
i am using kde 4.2

When i choose a equalizer setting, it is kept during the next start of VLC, but I’m using KDE 3.5.9 on openSUSE 11.0 and VLC 0.9.8a

There’s a equalizer plugin for amarok for gstreamer backend:
Equalizer | Amarok

i couldn’t find any eq for amarok and it doesn’t show any 10 band eq
i use vlc 0.9.8a
and eq setting change even in a playlist as a song changes

try MPlayer with SMplayer as frontend, it has an equalizer, too and the SMPlayer frontend saves information about every file you play with it (e.g. the state of a video, where have closed the player)
maybe it saves the equalizer setting, too…