Epson XP-202 driver

I have just upgraded from 13.2 to Leap 15, after quite a few years. I have been using an Epson XP-202 printer for several years with no problem. I now find, having upgraded, I can no longer find a suitable driver. Yast installation doesn’t find anything for this model, and I have Googled and found some which are supposed to work. After downloading and installing a couple of these I am no further forward. It also appears from the Epson website that they no longer support Linux for this printer.

Has anyone found a driver or can suggest where I can find one. Thanks.

Open source drivers do exist for it…

The required driver can also be found in our OSS repo (id not already installed)…

sudo zypper in epson-inkjet-printer-escpr

Then proceed with configuring via the CUPS web UI using your preferred browser


Along with the options above, Epson does offer Linux drivers for this model…
Search ‘XP-202’ and you’ll get printer and scanner drivers for this model.

Installed driver from OSS repo. CUPS didn’t recognise the printer but using Yast I was able to configure the printer and find the correct driver. Thanks.

Glad to have been of help.

BTW, when you say CUPS didn’t recognize the printer, I suppose you mean to tried to use ‘Find New Printers’. In general, it is possible to use ‘Add Printer’ instead and configure manually.