Epson WF-2860 scanner configuration

Hi, I’m trying to configure an EPSON WF-2860 printer/scanner. I can successfully configure the printer but I’m not sure how to make the scanner to work. Epson provides the **imagescan V3 **software in but only for Opensuse LEAP 15.2. If I try to install it, it asks for **libboost_filesystem 1.66 **, however Tumbleweed comes with the 1.75 version. Is it possible to modify the requirements of the rpm package?


I am lucky as my Epson printer/scanner is automatically reconisesed. Before it was I used to use the IScan packages from Packman:-

Interesting, thanks for the reference. I managed to make the scan to work using the utsushi package from the official repositories. To make the network functionality to work it is necessary to install the **networkscan **package from Epson. I could install the one provided for Leap 15.2 and copy the executable to


. Then it seems to work fine (inside the official rpm s from epson I saw they also use utsushi). Still, I’d be interesting to know if someone has managed to make imagescan to work. I also tried to install the source rpm package with no success.