Epson versus HP software for all-in-one devices?

I am contemplating purchase of a new all-in-one (print-fax-copy-scan) device for residence on my wired home network. I have gotten useful service out of an HP 7310xi for 10 years, but the document feeder has quit, and the scan is getting unreliable. Plus, the ink cartridges are getting rarer. I have gotten quite used to using the hplip package, and configuring the print and scan from Yast2, but I have no idea what Epson offers of a similar nature. There is the epson-escpr package available, but it is unclear if this is more than the printer driver, i.e. does it include the scan driver, and will I be configuring both the printer and scanner from Yast2? Does Epson scanning use xsane, or do they have their own GUI? Also, does Epson include a utility, as HP does, to monitor and control the device? I am looking at the Epson Workforce 3640 and Workforce 2520. Can users of Epson Workforce machines offer any comments? Thanks. I have 13.2, x86_64.

Laurence Keefe

For printing, check out The WF-3640 is supported by the ‘epson-escpr’ driver, while the WF-2520 series is shown as supported by the ‘epson-201211w’ driver package, which will need to be installed first. You can configure using YaST, or via the CUPS web interface


Both the WF-3640 and WF-2520 models are supported by the ‘epson2’ SANE driver, (included as part of sane-backends package).

Read ‘man sane-epson2’ for information regarding to network connectivity. The relevant config file is /etc/sane.d/epson2.conf

No monitoring tools (as far as I’m aware).

Thanks for the help, and the links, particularly to the scan information.

Laurence Keefe

Also, one must keep in mind the cost of upkeep for both brands. Unless Epson has changed its ways, it is cheaper to simply buy a new Epson printer, because the prices of replacement ink cartridges are as expensive as the price of a new printer.

Also, Canon:

I keep seeing Canon Multi-Functions going on sale for 1/2 the price of replacement cartridges … and, occasionally, only 1/3 the price. I have a stack of Canon printers without ink & two brand new ones with ink!rotfl!

I moved away from inkjet printers a few years back. Ink prices are a wrought. Very happy now using a Brother mono laser printer with built-in scanner. Using second toner cartridge in 5 years of use.

I second… laser last so much longer keeps everything simple and yes I’m also using a brother. I just got a notice to change cartridge after a bit over 3 years of use. If I need something in color, usually pictures I use a professional printing.