EPSON Stylus T23

Hi, there!
I bought an EPSON Stylus T23 printer and could install it on openSUSE 11.0 with no problem, but when I try to print, the printer prints a lot of information (maybe some kind of source code), not the document I sent to print.
Do you have any idea?
Thanks, a lot.

this is postscript of what you print…
are you test page when install printer? and what drivers you use…

No, I didn’t test page when I installed it.
I don’t know what drivers I use, only I know Yast installed the printer automatically.
Thank you.

a note of caution is offered to those using ANY computer operating system; before you go and buy a piece of hardware to plug into your computer; STOP; check if what you PROPOSE to buy is compatible;

if you go the Epson Japan website:

Download*Inkjet Printer [AVASYS CORPORATION]](

they seem to make a driver available for your printer;

download the driver; (I believe it is an rpm file); right click on the file when you have downloaded it; select “install with package manager” and your friend YaST should open; (when you enter your root password);

let us know how all this goes; or if you get stuck

good luck

this page

is the explanation page from Epson

if you get this working, we can get you to make an entry about this printer on open printing

OpenPrinting database - All Epson Printers

as I cannot see any entries for your printer at present; this is a good source place to look about printers …

Thank you, pdc_2.
I’ll try it, although the drivers I can get from that web site is for openSUSE 10.3.

Anyway, I’ll try it.

the 10.3 should not be a problem; I see though that it is not an rpm, but a .tgz file; so that has more steps

do you know how to “open a terminal” ? If not, you should find out;

after being able to open a terminal, this reference

Compiling and installing software from source in Linux

gives a summary of what you will need to do:(you will be initially decompressing a file, and then moving to install)

the readme from Epson is

I do worry that their command to install is different and would be grateful for other forums members to read that section and comment …

If this all gets too hard, you can buy the turboprint drivers; for a week’s supply of latte coffee;

we use turboprint for our Canon pixma; it works very well

ZEDOnet | TurboPrint Linux | Printer driver for Linux

Thank you, pdc_2!
I installed that driver from AVASYS, following the installation instructions, and the printer is working fine.
Even I could print a text from a PC running Windows XP in my network.
I’ll add the Epson Stylus T23 printer to OpenPrinting database.
Thank you, again.

great! very well done; great if you add to the knowledge on open printing;

all best wishes