Epson Stylus R240 Driver Required

Hi guys, just started to use Linux and after installing a few distro’s have settled for Opensuse 11.2 gnome as it suits me, however i seem to be having problems finding a driver for the Epson Stylus R240 printer. Is there an alternative driver that is compatible for this printer, (I really don’t want to have to go back to windows because of a printer driver)
Any help is appreciated… keep up the good work guys.

So, when I go to Yast / Hardware / Printers and search for R240, I do come up with your printer. Are you saying that this does not work or the interface you are using does not work?

I use HP printers and have had a lot of luck with those and openSUSE, one reason why I stick with HP. You need to let us know if the built-in Epson R240 driver located in Yast is not working or just what the issue might be.

If you want to purchase a Linux printer driver said to work, you might check out the following product I found online for around $40 as an alternative. I have not used this product, but it might be worth a look.

ZEDOnet | TurboPrint Linux | Printer driver for Linux

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well the trouble i have is the printer configuration picks up my printer and labels it etc, however it states there is no matching driver found.

So, without the same printer, it is hard for us to simulate the issue. I might suggest you delete the auto generated entry and then create a new one manually, making sure to match up everything properly. If it still does not work, try to give us the exact error message that you are getting. Again, you are going to Yast / Hardware / Printers option for this task.

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How about going here


which is the Epson (Japan) website: Epson is a Japanese company

this page lists drivers they make for linux

if you use the search function in your browser; on this page I suggest; it will highlight the linux driver for the R240 that Epson make;

and you should be able to download it and install it;

best wishes and let us know how it goes; (must be about 2am Fri US time now … somewhere in the US)

Problem solved - my mistake i had to install the Gutenprint package for the driver to be seen, thanks for all your help guys much appreciated, simple once you know how :).

thank god a great OS and i dont have to use windoze any more yeah!!!