Epson r200 printer

Suse 11 KDE RC1 has my epson r200 as “problematic”. The printer is listed in Yast under hardware, driver “unknown”. I need this fixed, I print garbage now. Maybe in the final release?

There is no entry under:
HCL/Printers - openSUSE
which may not be indicative, as most openSUSE users who get their printers working don’t take that time to update that page. :mad:

According to the linux printers site:
OpenPrinting database - Printer: Epson Stylus Photo R200
the printer works partially with the “gutenprint” driver. Do you have gutenprint driver installed? If not, install it.

I am having the same problem with my R300. It was working fine until I updated RC11 to the current status. I hope this is not going to be the case with the final release.

What did you do to try and resolve this? … I’ve had cups and other updates temporary “break” my printing to my HP5652 inkjet (which has excellent support) on 10.x. In each case, all I had to do was delete and re-install the driver and it worked great (possible overkill on my side). … But my point being, sometimes it is necessary to adjust things after an update.

Thanks oldcpu,
You have hit the nail right on the head. After such a large update I should have realised somethings may need a reinstall. I did as you suggested and reinstalled gutenprint etc now all is well. I am a happy suse user again.


Epson printers count number of prints and after estimation a number its closed down to power the spread out of ink and rework to set up the printer then we back you to intention the issue.
ink pad reset