Epson network scanner


LEAP 15 does not work similarily than earlier versions of SUSE. I have a net scanner, XP-700 Epson. I managed to get it printing today with no problem at all. Scanner on the other hand does not work via net interface.

How to get it up and running?

I tried even installing epson drivers in a way I managed to get them running at 13.2 and Leap 4x.1… without success.

This is guide, but due lack of xined (or inetd) I cannot proceed :frowning:

Just to clarify a bit further - Are you trying to configure for a network-attached scanner? Or set up a SANE client to reach a SANE server (with attached scanner) across the network?

With all the distro’s I have used so far I have never been able to get my scanner (Epson XP-530) working, till I found a program called Vuescan. (
It’s not free but for $79,95 you’ve got a lifetime updated program which just works. Mind the firewall ports which need to be opened to a) find the scanner and b) to scan. I just saw these are not mentioned on the website. I’m not at home till next week so I can’t tell you which ports these are at the moment, but one e-mail to Ed Hamrick and he will help you.

Network attached multipurpose scanner (printer), Epson XP-700, which IS working with 13.1 and Leap 42.1 (If i remember right)…

No, I will not pay for this one. I plan to change the Epson to another printer/scanner combo. I know that it is possible to get it running easily without paying almost USD 80 for it…

Ok, so please confirm the following…

  1. The ‘epkowa’ backend entry is uncommented (no # character) in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

  2. In /etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf, you need the IP address of your scanner configured eg for a scanner at…

  1. Check that the firewall is not causing problems if active.


Actually I did all of these already. And then I suspected that my WLAN Extender is causing problems. Finally I found reason and fixed scanning…
Fault found between keyboard and back of my chair.
I for some reason put


… clear brain farth…
Now up and running. Easy task …

By the way - Epson XP-700 is quite good combo machine but it really eats ink. I plan to change it to other model. to Which… I do not know. When printing rarely, you really pay a lot from your prints.

As I suspected - an IP configuration issue. Glad to read that it is working as expected now.

I don’t print a lot (at home at least) these days. I opted for a mono laser multi-function printer several years back and haven’t regretted the move at all. Much more reliable and cheaper to run with respect to consumables.