Epson D92

Can anyone help please?
I have Opensuse 11 loaded fine. I have an Epson D92 which ran perfectly using Turboprint and PCLOS. I have updated Turboprint from 1.96 to version 2, changed the driver to D68, re-installed CUPS - I am at a loss as the printer fails to print anything other than a YAST licence when I goto the Printer Testpage from within YAST.

Has anyone had success with Opensuse11 and the Epson D92? I am actually considering buying a cheap second hand printer which is rather pathetic really.

Very grateful to any advice

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To answer my own question: I had installed Turboprint as I presumed that as PCLOS has required Turbprint to enable my Epson D92 printer to function correctly, OPENSUSE would also require Turboprint. I also took advantage of the upgrade offered through YAST2 to version 2+. I also saw that the D68 printer was more favoured than any other for the D92 printer.

I uninstalled the Turboprint (bang goes £25) and then reconfigured the Epson D92 printer with just the Gutenprint D68 driver.

The first words to pop out were “Hello World Goodbye cruel world” in colour as well.