epson Artisan 700 scanning

Has anyone been able to get scanner working on Epson Artisan 700 with 11.1…Normal printer operations was no problem to figure out…Thanks for any help.


a place to look for support is the SANE project

SANE: Supported Devices

interestingly, your new device is not mentioned; (you could take a punt on the epson driver)

Epson make drivers available for linux but again your device is not mentioned;


Sometimes, scanners do not show up because of permissions issues:

In the May edition of Linux Format, Mike Saunders (pg 105) said to type in a terminal



scanimage -L

both of these two commands, firstly as user, and then as root;

… the first should discover the scanner no matter who runs it; whereas the second can only access the scanner if it has permission

(I am suggesting you do as this as YaST by some chance may have already tried to install an epson-sane-backend

Thanks for the quick reply. I think your reply put in the right direction. Will post how it works.


good; interested how it goes