Epson 2000p printer install problem - Suse 11.0

When installing suse 11 there is an attempt to install this printer. So the system detects it correctly as an epson 2000p on usb. However it throws an error stating something about a permissions issue and says that the printer is considered ‘problematic’. (I would say that it is the OS that is problematic, but that’s another story).
Running Control center/printing I can dc the ‘new printer’ icon and create the printer que. the printer is correctly listed there. In the driver box it says ‘cups + omni’. I can open the new printer’s properties and tell it to print a test page. Nothing comes out.
OK so go to yast control center / printer. By fiddling around here I am able to get it to print a test page, so that’s progress. On the way out the system suddenly tells me it has to install cups drivers, and does so successfully.
Back to control center / printing, still have the same problem. Add the printer can’t print a test page. Still says cups + omni as the driver here, but there is a nice ‘install driver’ button. I had already rpmed the gutenburg driver for this printer so I’m thinking maybe it will let me choose that one instead of the flaky ‘cups + omni’, whereever it is. I push the button, get a box that says ‘select a ppd file’ but doesn’t tell me where it might be hidden. but I am industrious and I find a whole boatload of ppd.gz files in a gutenprint folder. That’s odd, since when I rpmed the gutenburg driver I only asked for the epson 2000p, but oh well. There’s a 2000p ppd.gz file in the list so I select that. so then I get this cool message 'unable to write to /usr/share/cups/model/Epson-Stylus_Photo_2000P-gutenprint.5.0.en.ppd because permission denied. ain’t that swell? I’m getting cranky now.