Enscript - Font Management - how to choose a font


/usr/share/enscript/afm/font.map show 40 font names.
Font management show 189 font names.

enscript AvantGarde-demi font does not exists in font management.
Courrier 10 Pitch font management does not exists in enscript.

How ton choose a font name from Font management that is usable with enscript.
And vice versa.

Any help is welcome.

If it doesn’t exist create a ~/.fonts directory and pop your fonts there and should be good to go, Courier is a MS font, there use to be a script to install… but both can be found online.

Thank you for answering.
As you said one can found ways to install fonts; even on opensuse.org ( https://en.opensuse.org/Fonts ) .
My question was rather how to compare font names as shown by the font manager and fonts installed ( or to be installed ) from a software ( in my case enscript ).
In case of Courier it is simple. It exists in the font manager and in enscript. And I guess they have the same face.

Thank you for helping.

Likely the location, so unless the application knows to look in the system directory (could be a compile time, or a config file location pointer), then never the twain shall meet :wink:

The openSUSE system is configured to look based on /etc/fonts and below, so I would probably edit /etc/fonts/conf.d/55-local.conf for the enscript fonts, maybe there is a enscript config file down there as well?

Two utilities that can create windows similar to what Windows can provide of individual font samples that can be used for comparing various fonts are ftview and xfd. Ftview has no man page, but does have a --help switch. Examples of their use are in screenshots in openSUSE 10.2 bugs 227498 & 215602. My own web site has a large number in various formats of comparisons of fonts. When the names shown are not actually installed, your defaults are substituted in various fashions that are intended to show that the named font is not installed or otherwise available.

Thank you.

I will look that.

Thank you.

I will look that also.