Enlightenment E19

Enlightenment E19 has just been released:

It has full Wayland support including its rewritten Wayland compositor.

I’m looking forward to try this out on OpenSUSE 13.1. I reckon Enlightenment now can run without X using Wayland instead? If so how does this work when I am also running KDE on the old X system?

Looks like there is only Factory or Nightly to choose for now if one wants E19:

Just as when you log out of KDE and into Enlightenment, the window manager changes - so there is no conflict.

How will running applications on E19 with Wayland work. Does the application also need to support Wayland.
Lets take for instance the Eclipse IDE and Chromium which are my 2 most used applications.

Even though Enlightenment is running on Wayland it seems running the Eclipse IDE on Wayland is not as straightforward.

I think you have to accept that it will be some time before all applications play nicely with Wayland and vice versa but, in the past, whenever that sort of thing has happened, I have reverted to the desktop that is compatible with a particular application until the problem has been solved. That is one of the joys of Linux - you can try something new without losing the ability to use older applications.