Enlarging screen in rdesktop

Rdesktop in 10.1 had a full screen button. I really liked that because I find windows fonts are too small on my large monitor.

The -g option does nothing for me because no matter how much I enlarge the screen the windows font size stays the same.

Now in 10.3 I lost that full screen option but I could use ctl-alt-+ and get a similar result.

Now in 11.1 ctl-alt-+ makes the screen go blank.

Any ideas on how to enlarge the windows screens in rdesktop on SuSE 11.1?

Also, while I’m at it. :-), is there anyway to reverse the mouse buttons in rdesktop.

And anyway to send ctrl-break to the remote application?

The solution posted in another thread I posted probably applies to your question also

KDE4.1 default keystroke list? - openSUSE Forums

Thanks! I found that meta= zooms it.

But how do I stop it from following the mouse around? I tried meta-l but that didn’t work.


I have a problem with reentering fullscreen mode.

I have a dual screen desktop. And when I enter rdesktop it always starts up in screen 1. And I can’t move it to screen 2 in full screen mode. So I exit fullscreen mode (ctrl+alt+enter), drag the window to screen 2. But I can’t get it to go into fullscreen mode again.

Does anyone have a solution?

rdesktop 1.6.0
OpenSuse 11.1
Gnome desktop.

I’ve found that this works in the KDE desktop. But the problem here is that it spans both screens.