Enigmime service not available

I am now getting this message come up in Thunderbird every time I try compose an e-mail or click send to send an e-mail.

Enigmail: Enigmime Service not available

To permanently avoid this alert, either fix the problem or uninstall Enigmail. Click on the Help button for more details.

It says to uninstall Enigmail but the unistall is greyed out. It seems to be part of the Linux Thunderbird install. I’ve done an unconditional update of Thunderbird but it didn’t help. I can’t see any service called enigmime either.

This problem seems to have started after I ungraded to KDE4.3 but I don’t know if that’s just coincidence.

Any ideas?

I am having exactly the same problem. I haven’t installed kde4.3 so I’m not sure it is that.

I did a full unconditional update this morning and it fixed my problem.

I used this repo


for the mozilla updates.


it looks like there is a bug in enigmail 0.96. I saw that the version delivered with Thunderbird RPM from Mozilla repository is reverted now so the problem should be gone :slight_smile:

Have a lot of fun