Enigmail, GnuPG - how to import the keys with ease

Hi there - good day!

i lost the installation on the old machine - through a hardware-crash. Well now i am configuring the tbird - with enigmail:

Btw: i have running the following things.

OpenSuse 11.4
KDE 4.6

and then i also have the:

  • Thunderbird
  • Enigmail

and of course:

gpg2-2.0.16-7.1. <===
Libassuan is the IPC library used by gpg2 (GnuPG version 2)
gpgme also uses libassuan to communicate with a libassuan-enabled
GnuPG v2 server, but it uses it’s own copy of libassuan.

the keys on the old machine i saved as
public_und_private_keys.asc **

well - but i cannot import them into the new machine.

Try (from a command line):

gpg --verbose --import public_und_private_keys.asc

If it doesn’t work, then at least the verbose output might give some hints about what went wrong.

hello dear nrickert

many thanks for the quick reply! GREAT to hear from you

does this also run - when the key reside on the USB-Stick!?

i got a bad response - in other words it did not run. What can i do now!?

love to here from you


That should not make any difference. As long as the USB stick is mounted, just cd to the directory with that file and run the command. It should import to your regular gpg keyring.

Perhaps your key file is corrupt. In that case, there isn’t much you can do unless you have another good copy or have a copy of your old keyring on a backup somewhere.

good day.

valid thougts - i will take care and try to get another copy.

let you know what comes out.

greetings db1