Encryption, LVM and snapper on system install

After reading SDB:Encrypted root file system - openSUSE Wiki I’m really puzzled about the whole LVM, LUKS and snapper situation.

My question is, supposing I’m not using a separate boot partition (so password entered in the bootloader), why should I select the “enable LVM” in the setup? Isn’t that disabling the snapper rollback functionality without any useful feature?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

I use an encrypted LVM, but I don’t use “btrfs” so I don’t use snapper rollback. I have used “btrfs” in the past with an encrypted LVM. As far as I know, that still works.

I’m not sure where you got the idea that using an LVM disables snapper.

For a long time SUSE only supported encryption with LVM. The document probably was created at this time and not revised. Support for direct encryption of disk partition was added in SLE 15 (i.e. openSUSE 15.0).

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So I could have LVM, btrfs over it without a separate boot partition and still be able to rollback from grub?

Yes, that should be fine. It was working when I last tried it, and I don’t think any recent changes would affect that.

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