Encryption and privacy on SUSE 11.1


Do you have any recommendations for good, safe and reliable encryption software which support Linux (SUSE/KDE) and have a GUI? I’ve been using DriveCrypt on Windows, but DC doesn’t support Linux. I’ve also tried TrueCrypt for Windows, but I ran into some stability issues–and when I tried to access the official forum for support, they don’t allow email addresses from free providers. It almost feel like they don’t want you to get in there, so they gave me a bad impression and a bad feeling.


How is SUSE with KDE on privacy? I’ve already tried Ubuntu 9.04 with Gnome and found it difficult to avoid and/or erase activity logs/traces there. This is very important since I’ll be travelling a lot and in case of theft.

Therefore; a strong and reliable encryption program and good privacy is needed for my business.

Thanks in advance