Encrypted root file system

Hello everybody.
I have a little request to the forum participants … please advise me how to encrypt the root partition when installing Leap 42.3 or Tumbleweed. Unfortunately, I live in Russia, and this is a necessary precaution for a blogger.

What do you think, does it work?

With 42.3, you will need to use an encrypted LVM.

With Tumbleweed, it is possible to just encrypt the root partition without an LVM, though I would still recommend using an encrypted LVM.

For installing 42.3, when the installer suggest (proposes) how to partition your disk, click on “Edit Proposal Settings”. Then you should see a box where you can check that you want an encrypted LVM.

For Tumbleweed, you will see the new partitioner (still a work in progress). When it proposed partition, click on “Guided” for choices of LVM, encryption, etc.

Since you are new to openSUSE, I would suggest that you start with Leap 42.3. After you have used it for a month or two, you can decide if you want to try Tumbleweed instead.

This does not work.
The installer gives an error message (in the process of installation).

What did the error message say? (From memory, if you can no longer see the screen).

Oh pants… I do not remember, really. :frowning:

Something like 'Error create LVM volume encrypt. Continue despite the error?"

UPD. I can do it again. And accurately reproduce the error. But, I thought, OpenSuse does not allow to encrypt the Root File System?

The old openSUSE installer does not allow an encrypted root partition. But it does allow an encrypted LVM with the root file system as part of that LVM.

Leap 42.3 uses the old installer. Leap 15.0 and Tumbleweed use the new installer, which does allow an encrypted partition for the root file system.

For what you want, the encrypted LVM is still the best solution. Most of what you want to protect will be in “/home”. Typically, with an encrypted LVM, you have the root file system, “/home” and swap all inside that encrypted LVM.

I get this error (something similar), then other errors:

The following action failed:
Configuring the encrypted dm device on / dev / sda7
System error code -3033
/ usr / sbin / parted -s --wipesignatures --align = optimal ‘/ dev / sda’ unit cyl mkpart logical ext2 12993 12993:
Error: Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition.

Tell me please, what’s the problem here?

I don’t know the details of your disk.

That command seems to be using one cylinder for the partition. Maybe that’s too small.

solved, thank you.