encrypted LVM volume "modprobe Fatal error" padlock-sha.ko

recently got a eSata docking station for hard drives and after deciding to make those volumes encrypted LVM’s, i created my first logical volume. After setting it up in yast2 and rebooting i recieved a prompt for the lvm password, gave it and recieved:

Mar 17 13:38:21 blkdragon kernel: 1105.172687] padlock: VIA PadLock not detected.
Mar 17 13:38:21 blkdragon kernel: 1105.313056] alg: No test for stdrng (krng)
Mar 17 13:38:21 blkdragon kernel: 1105.323189] alg: No test for stdrng (ansi_cprng)
Mar 17 13:38:22 blkdragon kernel: 1105.416892] padlock: VIA PadLock Hash Engine not detected.
Mar 17 13:38:22 blkdragon modprobe: FATAL: Error inserting padlock_sha (/lib/modules/ No such device

boot resumed and i looked for the reason for this, the padlock-sha.ko module does exist in the appropiate place AND the volume was mounted in spite of the error message.

lvmdump seems to indicate that the volume is, in fact, encrypted. My thoughts at the moment are that the volume was encrypted by aes, so the padlock-sha.ko was not necessary to mount the volume.

what is amiss? backtracking the message log the same error happened during the creation of the volume before rebooting.

the kernel version gives it away but it’s a 11.2 machine.

verified encryption with “cryptsetup luksDump *” yields:

Version: 1
Cipher name: aes
Cipher mode: cbc-essiv:sha256
Hash spec: sha1
Payload offset: 1032
MK bits: 128
MK digest: ef 86 09 b9 e9 40 3c de 6e 17 43 26 a2 79 f7 b3 1b 32 1d 20
MK salt: a9 0f 85 a3 21 f3 39 dc 51 bd 15 7b 33 71 34 2a
bc b8 d5 c9 ee 2c 36 c6 ae a3 e1 8a 45 1a 86 61
MK iterations: 10
UUID: 8bb38bc6-ad0d-4a47-8117-eaf9e36b3f31

This happens on two of my systems, but not on the third. I am only encrypting “/home” and swap.

As far as I understand the problem, it is one that you can completely ignore. I base this on my google “research”.

The error message just shows that the “padlock_sha” module failed to load. Apparently the purpose of this module is to use chip level encryption that is built into some processors. The error presumably means that your processor (and the processors on my systems with that message) do not have that encrytption feature.

Simplest is to ignore the message. Alternatively, you can probably tell the system not to attempt to load that module.

thanks for taking the time to pass that on, makes sense of what i am experiencing.