Encrypted directories

I’ve had an encrypted sparseimage in the past on a macbook that I would keep secure documents like financial records or passwords. I’m not sure I can open and maintain that image on tumbleweed so I’m wondering what the current accepted solution for that sort of thing is? A few things I’ve looked at are apparently deprecated now, like realcrypt. Or am I asking the wrong kind of question? Thanks for your patience, I’m new to the community.

I am using an ecryptfs private directory for this.

If you are a KDE user, you could try using Plasma Vaults (you probably need to install that first). A Plasma Vault is just an encrypted directory. You open it (provide pass phrase) when you want to use it, then close it when done.

With “ecryptfs”, the directory “$HOME/Private” is normally encrypted, but is automatically unlocked during login (the login password is used).

Plasma vault looks good, and this will be a folder I could move from machine to machine and still decrypt with the password? maybe also need plasma vault or encfs?

Plasma Vault uses either “encfs” or “cryfs” for the underlying crypto. I seem to remember that installing Plasma Vault will pull in “encfs” but won’t pull in “cryfs” unless you ask for that.

I have not tried moving them between computers. But I have used on different installs on the same computer (Tumbleweed and Leap 15.2). So copying the encrypted directory would probably work.

I moved the encrypted vaults (directories) to “$HOME/.vaults” instead of leaving them in “.local/share/plasma-vaults”, and I manually edited “.config/plasmavaultrc” so that would work

To use on another system, I manually edited “.cpnfig/plasmavaultrc” to where the vaults were relative to that system.

I think I manually setup on the other system, then deleted the vaults before editing “.config/.plasmavaultrc” - just to be sure that Plasma settings had everything in place. You might need to experiment.