Encore enlwi-g2 in OpenSuse 11.0

I installed OpenSuse 11.0 not too long ago, but have been struggling to get any wireless to work. I bought a PCI card (Encore enlwi-g2) which specifically listed Linux drivers. Apparently the drivers from the manufacturer don’t compile with the newer kernel of 11.0. However, the kernel seems to have support built in (rtl8180).

It seems that my system will not boot if I have the PCI card plugged in, it just freezes in the boot process. I verified the card itself is ok in a windows machine.

I managed to get it to boot, but only by disabling all network related services. If I bring up yast, I can see the wireless card is recognized and seems to be ok, but if I try to configure network services, the PC again freezes.

I searched around on the web, but wasn’t able to find anything that seemed helpfull. I was hoping someone may have come across this issue, or otherwise have some suggestions on what might get things working.