Enabling YUV color output for supported monitors

I recently bought a new monitor which supports receiving color in both YUV and RGB format, while I know my video card supports YUV too as it incorrectly used that mode for my VR headset. The signal of course defaults to RGB, but I’ve read YUV can look better and use less bandwidth as well. I felt curious to give this a try, but I don’t know how to tell X11 or xrandr that I want the signal to be YUV; Switching the monitor setting to YUV only causes the broken purple-green image to appear, so I’m guessing the vid card doesn’t automatically notice it.

Using openSUSE Tumbleweed x64 on KDE. I looked for an option in the display menu but couldn’t find one.

Never mind, seems to work now: Over a DisplayPort cable I can select YUV from the monitor settings and this time the graphics card sends the proper signal. No visual or functional difference as far as I can tell though, so I just set it back to auto in the end.