Enabling the Scroll Lock key / led

Greetings everyone. I just ordered a new keyboard for my computer, which supports backdrop lighting for its keys. The light seems to be bound to the Scroll Lock key, which to be fair is a smart and convenient way of toggling it. There’s only one problem with this: By default, Linux does not allow you to use the Scroll Lock led. This may be a bit of a problem.

Now I already know that as a workaround, you can enable it by using the following console commands:

xmodmap -pm
xmodmap -e 'add mod3 = Scroll_Lock'

You can also toggle them directly from the console by using:

xset led named "Scroll Lock"
xset -led named "Scroll Lock"

Obviously I can just add the xmodmap command to my ~/.profile file and be done with it. Still this doesn’t feel like the right way to go about something like this, which should honestly be defaulted! So I had a few questions:

  • First I’d like to understand why mod3 isn’t set to “Scroll Lock” by default. I see no reason in this: Every keyboard has it, excluding this key from the X11 setup seems silly! Why don’t either distributions (in my case openSUSE) or KDE override this?
  • Is there a proper setting for enabling Scroll Lock functionality on startup, alternatively to hacking files? Was hoping for an option in the KDE configuration panel (already looked under Keyboard Options) or at least in YaST for openSUSE.
  • If there is no setting and I must use the console commands to fix this: Will they still work under Wayland? The reason I’m asking is that xmodmap and xset both seem like X11 commands, whereas from my understanding Wayland will replace X11 entirely. Does Wayland bind the Scroll Lock key by default, will I need alternative commands to fix this in its case, or do I still use the commands I mentioned above?