Emulating Windows 7 edge resizing behavior

One thing I miss about windows 7 was being able to drag a window the top of the screen to maximize it and to either the left or right to make it take up half the work space. Is there a way to emulate this in KDE4 or compiz?

what happened if you wanted to drag the window to the top and NOT have
it maxamize…or to the left/right and NOT want it to take half the space?

i hate it when ‘system designers’ made decisions like that for me…

Have a lot of fun…

I’m not clear why dragging is easier than clicking the maximise button; if you want a particular window to take up half the screen, you normally only have to size it once and next time you open the application it will remember the previous size.

Try these: click the max.button with:

middle mouse-button(wheel)
right mouse-button

It’s all there…

I dont think we have something like this YET, but give the developers a few seconds and maybe we will :smiley:

You might, in the meantime, enjoy playing around with tiling window managers.

xmonad is great, but rather hard to configure. Awesome is a little bit less of a pain to get your head around.

There is an attempt to get some tiling functions running in other WMs through python. I have no personal experience of it, or idea whether you could make it run on SUSE.


And of course there’s the ‘tile’ compiz plugin.

Personally I dont care for the feature as I got buttons.
Its called a mouse :smiley: