Empty destination in URI

Hello All,

I’m recently installed opensuse 13.2, and i like it,

but there is an issue whenever i try to install an new softwear whether by using yast or cmd

the Error is Empty destination in URI: hd:///?device=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-20001020000060804-part1

i don’t know what’s the cause and it prevent me from installing any thing.

Can anyone tell what’s the problem?

Thank you all

Hassan Alrawashdeh

That looks like the install media location which has been removed…

Please post the output from;

zypper lr -d

You installed using a USB. That’s a reference to that USB.

You can either plug in the USB (if it still has the installer iso on it). Or you can use

Yast → Software Repositories

and disable that repo.

My personal practice (installing with USB), is to plug in the USB for added software during the first 2-3 days after install. Then I disable that repo and never have to plug in the USB again (allowing me to reuse it for something else).