empty CDs and DVDs don't show up in sysinfo


is it normal behavior that since Suse 11.1 using kde 4.x empty cd’s and dvd’s do not show up in sysinfo?

Applications like k3b work without problems when entering an empty cd or dvd.
but in sysinfo I don’t the media displayed.

in Suse 11.0 using kde 3.5.10 when entering an empty cd/dvd I get a pop-up asking me what I want to do.

Isn’t something similar in 11.1 with kde 4.x

Best thanks.

No, there is an icon next to the gecko which will tell if it detects a filesystem. As an empty CD/DVD has no filesystem, there is nothing to tell you about it. K3b will, of course, tell you it is there because that is its job.

first of all thanks for the reply.

The thing I mean is in Kde 3.5.10 (running suse 11.0) on my laptop when I insert a blank CD or DVD in “my computer” I get a device which is called e.g. “Blank CD-R” but in kde 4 running suse 11.1 I get nothing similar. So one has to guess if the system has recogonized the CD or not.

Is there a possiblty to change this behavoir of suse 11.1/kde4 so that it behaves as kde 3.5/suse 11.0 in this point?

I’m not aware of one like KDE3 but, if you need to know, just start K3b and it will tell you.