Empire Earth for windows crash

It crashes after “play random map”. I’v searched the net for any info. Answer vary depending on where you look. Nothing so far has worked. It worked about a year ago. I’m baffled. Any of you windows techs can help?

All my drivers are updated that I know of. Windows update has all the latest downloads. Directx, nvidia drivers, sound drivers, or too many other things could be causing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What version of openSUSE do you use?

this is not a help forums…

please post in the games forum:


It sounds like you are actually running it under windows is that correct?

If so, then make sure you have Visual C runtime 6 installed, and also try turning off “hardware TnL” in the video settings.

Audio can also be a problem, try reducing the amount of sounds and you could also try reducing the directX sound acceleration (sorry, don’t know exactly how to do that but run the dxdiag tool I think).