Empathy on openSuse 11.4 - no audio calls

I am trying to set Empathy up and it takes my account on google talk so i can chat. But when I try to initiate an audio call it falls into an error:
“Can’t establish audio stream.
There was a failure in the call engine.
Technical details:
Could not sync the state of the new nicesrc with its parent.”

Could anybody help resolve this issue?


I am having the same problem. Any help would be most welcome.

i am also having the same problem, even after upgraded to gnome3 and empathy 3.0.2…i asked much time to irc, but no reply…
if anyone help us, we will be very thankful…

I have also the same problem, but at this point I need to ask:
Exists some instant-messenger with audio-video capabilities AND ALSO WORKING under OpenSuse 11.4 or such progs are in the repos just like MythTV?
I would exclude Skype but would be quite happy with just some google-talk client.