Emoji no longer showing

Any ideas? It was working perfectly fine until the last Tumbleweed upgrade a couple of days ago. I just tried another zypper dup + zypper install --force fetchmsttfonts to no avail.

The problem manifests itself not only in KCharSelect but also elsewhere in the KDE interface. Copying and pasting emoji / Astral plane stuff works as usual in non-KDE applications such as LibreOffice and Thunderbird but not, e.g., in KWrite or Konsole (or xterm, though not sure if that ever had any proper Unicode support).

Note that if I change the font selection in KCharSelect to, for instance, Noto Color Emoji then it does work (https://i.imgur.com/VGlmxE4.png), but not with Noto Sans. However, I don’t know if Noto Sans ever did show emoji, whereas my default Arial selection did, and the problem is not limited to KCharSelect anyway.

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Hi, just bumping this. Any idea what might have changed?

Bumping again. I’m kind of baffled as to why the emojis disappeared from KDE applications.

Ok, it’s working now after

zypper install noto-emojiregular-fonts

noto-coloremoji-fonts had been installed all along, don’t know if they’re required.