Emesene 1.6.2 .rpm

Hi, i am searching the .rpm of emesene 1.6.2 to solve [\url] problem…
I used Kmess, but now it doesn’t work, it crashes at the start…

Is it possible to get a good instant messenger for MSN? :’(](http://forum.emesene.org/index.php/board,19.0.html)

Empathy works fine
It’s in the OSS repo for 11.2

Hi caf, thanks for the answer…

I want to ask you: why the .rpm in software.opensuse.org aren’t updated?
Often I find obsolete versions, for example Eclipse IDE…
Is it possible to request a .rpm to software.opensuse?

You can search here:
software.opensuse.org: Search Results

I was referring precisely to that link…
Often I don’t find the last version of an application, for example Eclipse.
The site provides the 3.4 version, while 3.5 and also 3.6 versions have been released.

I’m sorry, but I think that software.opensuse.org isn’t efficient.

An openSUSE release only gets security and recommended updates (in the Update repos). The release (in the OSS and nonOSS repos) is not changed/updated. Thus the realease stays as it is released after much testing of the complete combination of software (in the pre releaseM1, …,RC 1… fase).

Adventurous people can try several Unstabel/Factory, etc, repos when they feel a strong need to use newer version. The search function shown by caf searches them. When upstream there are even newer releases, you can go more adventurous by installing/building from there. You could then even provide a repos with that newer one in the openSUSE Build service, so that other people can find it with the search (or lure one of the guys who fill those repos in doing it for you, may be for a cool beer?).

I wouldn’t recommend you venture down this path.
I use Empathy from the default of 11.2 and it works fine. Also the same in 11.3:)

MaxiPigna wrote:
> The site provides the 3.4 version, while 3.5 and also 3.6 versions have
> been released.
> I’m sorry, but I think that software.opensuse.org isn’t efficient.

remember that openSUSE 11.2 (for example) was shipped (only SEVEN
months ago) with a full set of software either on the install disk or
readily available via download from openSUSE oss (open source
software), or non-oss repos just crammed full of programs known to
work with 11.2 (ok, so there are always some bugs, maybe)

this community then flows update provided by others into our repos as
quickly as possible (remember most of this is happening by volunteers)
all packages which are patched for SECURITY reasons or bug
fixes…and, those go into the updates repo and are automatically
available for you if you have the update repo enabled…

which is not to say that if you go to the web site for every program
included in the oss and non-oss repos who have made a minor
(non-security implication) change that it will be, or even should be
rapidly processed to get it into the repos…

there just are not enough hands on earth willing to do that job…do
you want to volunteer and learn how to package for openSUSE?

or, you can get the source for 3.6 and compile and install it
yourself–it is not so difficult…i’m sure there are hundreds of
threads in these forums, and how-tos across the web to guide you…

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If you really want to give yourself a thrill - add this repo
Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Factory/openSUSE_11.2

If you use the QT UI fir yast you’ll find it easy to switch to that repo
Switch Yast Interface to QT - openSUSE Forums

Like this principle
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DenverD, I agree with you and I am ready to become a volunteer for packing .RPMs, but I don’t know if I can. I’d like to help the comunity in some way.
This link shows the conventions used, but not an example. I’m a newbie.rotfl!
These instructions, written by Andrea Florio, are in italian, my first language, and show also an example.
What do you think about?

I prefer RPMs to sources, because it’s more simple to manage the system.