Emerald, Compiz, Themes

Okay, So I am in the dark about making the most epic desktop ever, I installed compiz, emerlad, and theme’s etc. But emerald doesn’t work, it wont change themes, nor dose compiz, I am going to try again clean, But I would like step by step instructions in absolute beginner talk about how to change themes and make a pretty desktop, more importantly about how to install the manager’s and so they work, and how to install the themes and how they work.

Tell us what desktop environment you are using. kde3, kde4, gnome?

How did you install compiz
Compiz Fusion - openSUSE
Compiz Troubleshooting - openSUSE

KDE4 using the package manager

Whatever desktop first make sure you do NOT use auto login. Disable via Yast Users.

In kde4. You use Configure Desktop. You need to find Session Manager. (it’s in different places, depending on which version of kde4 you are using) In there, change the window manager to compiz. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace - to restart the desktop/

I’m using kde4.2 beta, but it’s not for the novice, still unstable - though I have no issues with it, and the default kwin desktop effects are now really good, you don’t get all the compiz themes of course, but the effects like the cube desktop work perfectly.