Emerald and KDE 3.5.9

I’m setting up a new box for my parents. I am running 11.0 RC1 (updated to the latest packages). I used the 1-click Compiz fusion installer, and then updated to the .76 packages yesterday.

Compiz-fusion works for the most part, but when I first log in to any KDE 3 session, fusion-icon comes on (I have it in Autostart) and loads Compiz, but the window decoration is still Kwin. Fusion-icon shows that Emerald is checked, but it isn’t actually using Emerald. If I click away to Kwin, and back to Emerald, it then works. But my parents likely won’t do that. I’d like it to just work when I log in.

I’m running the same version of Compiz-fusion on my Gentoo box and haven’t seen this problem there.



I use fusion-icon on every distro I try. I’m not sure why it isn’t working properly here. Fusion-icon says Emerald is selected, but it is actually using Kwin. I have to select Kwin and go back to Emerald before it uses Emerald.

Open ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager in your favourite text editor

see the line “USE_EMERALD=yes” is in a line on its own.
For some reason this was up on a previous line in the file on my system and Emerald did not load even if selected.

If the line is not present add it and don’t forget to save.

Restart KDE.:slight_smile:

jmdl’s solution may be sufficient. If not there are two other files /usr/bin/compiz-decorator and /usr/bin/compiz-manager that have the same line. Setting USE_EMERALD=“yes” in both files should force compiz to use emerald every time.