Emby client fail connecting with server localhost

Hi all,
I have a problem with the emby server in the sense that the connection between the server and the client cannot be established.
The strange part is that after I installed Leap 15.4, the local ip is different.
I did tests on other distros and always when installing it DHCP set automatically 192.xxx.x.100 and Emby was working on localhost, but now on Leap the local ip is different 192.xxx.x.101.

I manually entered localhost ip (192.xxx.x.101) in the client but without any result, the connection cannot be established.

The Internet works but the Emby client does not connect to the server.
I don’t know what the problem is.
I can set the ip manually and disable automatic DHCP or the Emby server application for Suse Leap has problems, or firewall blocks the connection.

I do not know emby so please take that ito consideration.

When you talk about localhost, I assume that you mean localhost as hostname. That should resolve to

henk@boven:~> host localhost
localhost has address
localhost has IPv6 address ::1

And not to an IP address within your LAN.

You do not show what the client is using as address (hostname or IP address) to reach the sever.

When you have a client that wants to connect to a server on the same host, normally localhost ( is used and not the hostname and thus he IP address it has in the LAN.

And it should not matter what the L:AN IP address of the system is, as long as it is addressed by it’s hostname.

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I apologize for not being more explicit, emby is an application for media streaming.
But I solved the problem, the TCP/UDP port was blocked by the firewall.
Thank you for your help!