Embedded Windows

Sorry for the bad quality, just had my phone camera when I saw this in my bank. I hope it is not something boring, it’s the first time I saw something like that live (a banking terminal with a warning including “security” and “corrupt”). Maybe some find it amusing (I did, assuming it wouldn’t be something bad (harddrive problems?) - but I have few clue).

Holy s**t!! You mean I’m trusting Microsoft with my money each time I use an ATM?

Not happy >:(.

lol at the pic though ;).

Haha… yup… i had the same picture i took a month ago of a ATM machine with a different error. Hope, i will post the picture soon. Stating Windows NT application error. :sarcastic:

Some banks are waking up to the various Windows issues, I have seen a bank in the UK running RHEL on there ATMs.

Here we go!
The picture is not that clear, but still visible.


That’s the first time in years I’ve seen my old friend Dr. Watson. So, he moved from My Computer to Your ATM. About upscaling…:slight_smile:

Next time you see this, try clicking OK…lol

For a moment, i thought to do that because mouse cursor was there in the screen… but so sad no mouse and no other source to do so… rotfl!

Ok, I’ll make a note not to use any “Deutsche Bank” atms :sick: