Email to SMS with gnokii and Postfix


I have a server with an sms-terminal attached. There I use “gnokii” to send sms. Now I’m searching for a solution with postfix or something else to receive an email and resend the subject of this email as an sms with gnokii.

Any ideas/hints?

I have already searched a lot. I found that I have to create a special “sms”-user and a .procmail / .forward-file. But I had no success with this solutions. Have someone already implemented this requirement?

Thanks a lot.

I solved it with the shellscript “email2sms” from the package “smstools3” (SMS Server Tools 3) and some changes in postfix-configfiles.


Would you tell me a pit more of your way to fix this? I have tried procmail, but that didin’t work…