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I have spent the last week teaching myself how to set up a web server in Virtualbox, my goal is to run my small site myself. I have it all working but now im stuck. There is plenty of info on installing and configuring a mail server but very little on managing it. The Suse wiki mentions Kolab but its borked in Suse 11 is there another solution. I want to setup 8-10 email accounts but my brains search function is getting flaky like windows and I can not find anything on how to.

Have a look at the Howtos

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The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11 @ The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

Thx for response, I have read the how to’s and I have everything working. Using the The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials I installed ISPconfig but its not what im looking for, Like I said in first post the Suse wiki mentions Kolab for managing but its borked so i ask again is there another solution like KOLAB.

I am still looking for a web admin console to manage a web site and its email. I have installed several servers in VirtualBox using several different tutorials, so I dont need help installing.
What has me stuck is what web admin software to use to control the site.

I have successfully installed phpMyAdmin but it does not admin a mail server.

I have also followed the prefect server tut from sourceforge and installed ISPConfig, but its for managing multiple web sites and its not what im looking for. I want a web console to manage a single site.

So I ask again does any one know of a console for setting up and managing an email server on Suse 11 since Kolab Kolab - openSUSE mentioned in the Suse wiki is borked on Suse 11.

Have you looked at webmin?

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This may seem strange reading on a SUSE forum, but have you looked at some of those integrated server distros that install Linux, a whole bunch of services you can pick and choose (usually webserver, mail+filtering, Samba, firewall, sometimes VoIP) and a web admin interface? Some of them are quite slick and do the job very well, as long as you don’t mind giving over a whole (virtual) server to it. Might save you a whole load of time.

The ones that I’m aware of are (base distro in parens):

Clarkconnect (Redhat)
eBox (Ubuntu)
smeserver (CentOS)

Most of such distros are based around Redhat, CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu for historical reasons, because SUSE was late opening up the distro to community use so I am not aware of anybody who has built such a turnkey distro on top of OpenSUSE, although it is perfectly feasible.

whilst trawling around to find a Suse solution to this I would also suggest ClarkConnect or CentOS in a virtual environment. I am trying to get away from a virtual setup and run a stand alone single physical server. My pick beyond is a virtual ClarkConnect community Edition (10 users). Very snappy and simple.