Email relay server setup with Exim?

Hey, Everyone

I would need some suggestions on setting up an internal exim email relay server. Here below is the scenario:

I have 2 MS Exchange servers for 2 customers respectively: abc and xyz. They are on 2 different internal networks and they can not talk directly. I want to setup a email relay server with exim to relay email from to, vice versa. In another way to discribe this: I want to put a static DNS record for on abc’s exchange server, so that it will send email to relay server if destination email is on domain and relay server forward email to xyz’s exchange server; Similiar setup on xyz’s exchange server. If destination email is on any other domains, send normally to internet.

So it is like a conditional email relay. Any suggestions?


I haven’t worked with Exim, but I doubt that it’s what you really want. In my experience an MTA is closely attached to a regular mailserver app whereas your described needs don’t require a mailserver app, you only need to deploy an SMTP Smarthost.

So, for instance read up on your Exchange Server architecture and note how it has its own MTA.