email question

In April SUSE 12.1 was successfully loaded on this machine. I have been pleased with it and
my getting to know it much better as the days go by. I have a problem that I have not solved.
It is involving the latest version of Thunderbird which was installed after the 12.1 installation.

On Sunday, 27 May, all of my emails dated prior to 1 May that were in the inbox vanished.
Today as I was checking my sent items folder, I found the emails prior to 1 May had also been
removed. I have not found a reason for the disappearances, nor have I found a way to
recover them. I have contacted my ISP - CenturyLink, formerly Qwest, and they have no
answers. Is there a limiter or an install code I may have missed? If so, where does it appear?
As all know, it is easier to leave messages in the inbox and sent items box than to handle each
one in a different file. But loosing messages is painful, especially correspondence with children
and grandchildren. Does anyone out there have a handle on this?

A little more information would be welcomed, especially about the way you access your e-mail account (mail client, web page, etc), and your email provider if you don’t mind.

I have used Tbird on SuSE, connecting to Comcast (POP3) and Gmail (IMAP) for several years and have never seen this happen, so it might be a config issue or fat finger problem.
You need to be a bit more specific about your configuration.

Thunderbird version is what? Most recent is 12.0.1

Some things to look at

  1. Did you possibly archive those (unintentionally)? Look in the Archive folder.
  2. Look in Edit-Account Settings-Disk Space. There is a setup parameter there “Delete messages more than …” Make sure it is not set.
  3. Navigate (Dolphin) to /home/username/.thunderbird/somethingsomething.default. This is where account settings and stuff stored. Message folders are in /Mail directory.

Is your mail server POP3 or IMAP?
Do you download and delete emails from the server, or leave them on the server and “mirror” your Local Tbird?