Emacs issues

After upgrading to 11.4, i experienced a few issues with emacs:

  1. When using compositing in KDE4, the emacs window seems to not be redrawn properly resulting in corrupted graphics (have not seen this in another application yet).
  2. The delete-selection-mode is gone. Afaik it has been a standard component of emacs for ages and i could not find anything about it being removed.
  3. This might simply be a change in orgmode, but i’m still wondering (and can’t find anything on the official page): suddenly clocking times doesn’t use a :clock: drawer, but a :LOGBOOK: drawer and that only if you set org-log-into-drawer to t. This breaks a lot in existing files…

I removed /usr/share/emacs, /usr/share/local/emacs, ~/.emacs.d and .emacs to make sure there is no conflict with some older configuration…

It might be time to switch to a real text editor, vi.

I’m sure there is a vi-mode for Emacs out there…

…anyway, i did some further investigations:
I built the latest Emacs myself and delete-selection was back, so this seems to be some issue with the openSuse version. Or both of them, as i also tried the version from the editors-repository.
The graphical glitches remained. But only on my notebook using an X3100 intel chip, not on my desktop using an nvidia card with the proprietary driver.

By the way, I was just kidding… :wink: I don’t use emacs so unfortunately I’m of no help.

I’m having this glitches problem as well, with Intel graphics. The screen does not get refreshed properly and chars look messy

Apparently xorg-x11-driver-video|7.6-53.56.1 update in update repo fixed this problem. :slight_smile: