eggdrop package, runs under which user?

I installed the eggdrop rpm package via buildservice, from what I understand, it’s written in TCL, now, how do I figure out which user it’s running under? So, I can set the correct permissions on this folder it needs to create files under =]

lhorace wrote:
> I installed the eggdrop rpm package

did you happen to see this guide

which advises “Please note that you do not want to be root when you
install/run an Eggdrop bot. Do this as your regular user or create a
seperate user for the Eggdrop to run as. I will base this guide on
having the bot in /home/user. With that said, once you download it and
place the file in /home/user, untar it by running…”

or maybe you read the instructions in the docs installed from the rpm?
do they disagree with the above guide?