EFISTUB shenanigans

Hello! I have been trying several times to improve boot times by booting directly with EFISTUB. After some google-fu i have found that i need to copy the “vmlinuz” and “initrd” files to the EFI partition. The problem is this is a manual process as uefi cant read btrfs directly as i found out. I need to make a script that copies these two files to the EFI partition after a kernel upgrade for zypper.
If this is in the wrong section sorry for that.

I think your observation is correct.

Unless you’re an old hand or otherwise expert at scripting, manual copying should be a lot easier, and can take nominal time. The actual kernel and initrd must be copied, not the vmlinuz and initrd symlinks, and then their names changed to the names the loader expects. I use MC as root and such copy & rename action takes only seconds, Shift-F5 for each running MC in X terminal, Shift-F3 running MC in vtty.

I doubt that you will save much boot time doing this. Maybe only 1 or 2 seconds.

If I were doing this, I would setup a “Makefile” to update the copies of the files in the EFI partition. And then just cd to that directory and run “make” after any kernel update. This does require that “make” is installed.