EFISTUB boot with openSUSE?

I plan on installing openSUSE (Tumbleweed) in a bit, and was curious if there was a guide or anything on doing a bootloader-less UEFI install and use the built-in EFISTUB feature of the kernel?

I have seen reports of people using it by directly creating an NVRAM entry for the kernel. You have to copy the kernel and “initrd” to the EFI partition, and you might need to rename the kernel with a name ending in “.efi”. You can use the “efibootmgr” command to create the entry.

Google around. You will probably come up with some examples.

The downside is that you will need to do something after kernel updates, to get the new kernel. And you don’t have an easy fallback to an older kernel or a recovery boot (I guess you could add additional NVRAM entries for those).

Personally, I multi-boot so prefer to have a more flexible boot manager than the one provided by the firmware.