EFI tab in Dolphin

Hello, After I installed Leap 15.3 (online from usb flash), in Dolphin I have got, beside disc partitions tabs (system and home partitions) tab of partition with EFI folder also. I never had it before - just partitions I “rolled” from installation to installation (once made - again and again used).

My question is: what to do with that tab in Dolphin? Is there any reason that user use that “efi partition tab” (it is not question about efi partition - i know it is necesarry )? I would not delete it,. but my question is: May i hide it on Dolphin? Will it be necessary for any reason in the future?

Thank you for answering my questions.

I guess that mentioning of the file system on the efi partition is done in the same way and for the same reason as the other file systems you always saw already. It is just a file system. And it seems that Dolphin thinks it should present every file system to the end-user.

IMHO the whole idea is wrong (the end-user should only be interested in the one and only directory tree a Unix/Linux system has and not in the way it is build). But it seems that MS-DOS ideas are still strongly emulated in Dolphin.

So there are three approaches show here:

  • Dolphin (developers) thinks it should show all file systems;
  • I think it should show no file systems;
  • you think it should show some file systems, but it needs of course a strict definition of which ones to show and which ones not :(.

I don’t use Dolphin very often. So I started it to check.

Hmm, I don’t have any TABS. But if I start at the root, I can find my way down to “/boot/efi”. That partition should be read-only, unless you are running Dolphin as root. I suggest that you ignore it.

If it is read-only, I will just hide it from tabs on left side of Dolphin. i just wanted to know thing you said - that itcan not be used by us users, so it is not necessary to be shown,

Thank you all.

I assume the tabs Vajcek is referring to are the places and devices etc. shown in the side bar at the left side, right?

Hiding it in dolphin won’t do any harm. Right click on the item and “hide” it. You can alway enter the menu - view - side bar - show hidden places. That’s it. If needed you then can “unhide” it with another right click.
(Hope the English terms are correct.)
Here (on 15.2) I have many nfs mounts which are all shown as other devices (or so). If you have several drives and partions side bar can get quite crowded and hiding stuff is acutally useful.

This is just I wanted to do, but, as I already said - i did not know if it makes any damage to system (but I hoped - no).

Thank you.

+1 from me.

For sure not! It’s just a setting in dolphin. I have just hidden my root folder. Just because I can. rotfl! It comes back smoothly if you need it.

Have a lot of fun!

Please check the output of “lsblk --fs”.

  • The boot device (usually /dev/sda) should have a partition with a vfat filesystem and a size of about 500 MB – usually mounted on “/boot/efi” …

Have you written a filesystem label on that partition?

  • BTW – the EFI partition shall not
    have the filesystem label “EFI” – if it does, some firmware will be confused because, that’s also the name of the top-level directory within that partition and, the affected firmware will refuse to recognise the EFI partition …

[HR][/HR]At least on this Leap 15.3 KDE Plasma system, only those partitions with a filesystem label appear in the KDE Plasma Dolphin list of “Places” …

Now I am curious - care to name the actual vendor/system/whatever that exhibits this behavior?

The only reference I know of is in the ArchWiki – <EFI system partition - ArchWiki.


I’ve taken a look on this UEFI Laptop with only two partitions, neither with a label.

  • By default KDE Plasma Dolphin doesn’t list the EFI partition in the list of devices.

The Dolphin handbook doesn’t mention this partition either – <https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/dolphin/dolphin/index.html>.