eeepc install after opensuse11_1_LOCAL.exe

Hi, I feel like this question is really dumb because it’s been asked before. However, googling hasn’t told me what to do yet, so please help!

I want to install opensuse on my eeepc (no dvd drive).

I mounted the iso on my windows partition and it launched opensuse11_1_LOCAL.exe. That program put some stuff in the bootloader so I could boot into something (the installer I’m guessing).

The trouble is getting the installer to find the data. It said “Make sure that CD number 1 is in your drive”. Obviously the dvd iso is still on my usb drive on my computer. I saw that I can get a prompt by doing Ctrl-Alt-F9, and I can mount the iso. But how do I tell the installer that that’s where the “dvd” is?


You might find some info here:
OpenSUSE on the EeePC - openSUSE