EEEE Box B202 - no Gui - Newbie Help request

This problem doesn’t seem to be specific to Opensuse, I have seen people describing the same issue on Ubuntu forums etc. After 12 hours of Googling and trying various solutions I am turning to your goodselves for help. Hoping that the Suse community can produce a solution where others seemed to have been stumped.

I think the source of the problem, interestingly, seems to be how these nettop pcs have been constructed out of netbook laptop components.
The chipsets/drivers for the video assume that a lcd/tft screen is attached (as would be in a netbook/laptop). These nettop boxes however are desktop base units with an external video connection, apparently, the very same external video output of a netbook laptop. Clearly, in a netbook laptop, this is not the default video output.

The result is that when installing a linux distribution as soon as xwindows kicks in the output is sent to a non existant lcd/tft screen and the user is faced with a black screen.

I got around this installation issue by selecting text mode and installation completed succesfully, however, on booting, no gui only a black screen.Alt-Ctl-F1 to F6? produces text login screens and everything else appears fine with the installation.

A solution I found produces the Gui login screen, however, the mouse and keyboard do not work (strangely, Alt-Ctl-F1 etc does get me out to the text login screens)

The solution was to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
and add these lines:-

to Section “Device”
add Option “monitor-LVDS” “LVDS”

to Section “Monitor”
add Option “Ignore” “True”

This produced a wonderful clear GUI but, with no mouse movement or text input.

How do I get the USB mouse and USB keyboard to function correctly in Xwindows?
(There aren’t any PS/2 ports on these machines.)

Not quite lost the will to live… but your kind assistance will be gratefully received.


Stan Chelchowski, U.K.