EEE PC 1000

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has successfully installed OpenSUSE 10.3 or 11.0 on EEE PC 1000. I am looking at buying one and would like to know if there are any gotchas with installing OpenSUSE on it.


I am waiting for my MSI Wind to arrive and have tested Linpus for now on an eBox 4854. Looks good.
I wonder if openSuse will work, seems a bit heavy to me…

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A bit late but I hope it will help you.
I have installed opensuse 11.0 on eee pc 1000. Lan and wlan cards won’t work out of the box. Rpm with drivers for lan card could be downloaded from opensuse eee pc wiki page. Drivers for Wlan could be dowloaded from Ralink website and manually installed. Another thing to be done is manually adjusting kdm login screen resolution to 1024x600. There are also other tweaks for filesystem etc. Anyway, opensuse works just great on eee pc 1000.


Care to elaborate a little?
Where exactly did you find the LAN/NIC driver RPM’s? (I tried searching this wiki but didn’t find it …)

I downloaded the RaLink v. drivers, but they didn’t build, got some compilation errors …

And also it would be nice with some toggle wifi button support and so on. Any hints as to where to find this?

As for filesystem tweaks I assume you mean stuff like “noatime” (or “relatime”) and kernel option elevator=noop (since it’s an SSD drive)?

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