eee 1000h / partition size / 11.1


when trying to install opensuse 11.1 on an Eee 1000h I have the follwing problem:
I want a dual boot with the existing XP. I would like to install on PART OF the second partition.
but when it comes to partitioning, it says “file system size can not be changed due to inconsistent file system. Try to check the file system under windows” (message translated from german). The file system type is NTFS. The only option I see is to format the whole partition, what I dont want to.

  • Is there a way to install on part of this partition?
  • what actions can I perform (under XP?) to make the file systes size changeable?


You need to boot into windows clean out the trash, temp files etc and
run the disk defragmenter.

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doing this for both partitions didn’t solve the problem.
the second partition is anyway practically empty

any further ideas?

…maybe I now know what the problem is:
there are to more partitions:
a small one [8GB; type: Hidden win95; fs-type: FAT; PE (???)] and a very small one [40MB; type: FE (FAT-12/16)].
This means that there are 4 partitions in total what is the maximal number. And the associated file systems are different. The installer can therefore not create new partitions for changing the size of the second partition and for creating swap space.

Does anyone know how to deal with that?
What are the last two partitions for and can they be modified/deleted?
Is this still on topic or would this be for an XP group?