Edulife 12.3 Live Installer

Live installer fails on numerous machine configs while trying to copy root files from dvd .

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I Googled for Edulife and found several sites all over the world, but I failed to see what the connection with openSUSE is. Now there are several possibilities, one of them that thiis is completely due to my ignorance.
But when you think that a bit of clarification about what you have, what you are doing and where you got stuck in that process might help people to help you, please do so.

I think he is talking about this

did you hash check the downloaded iso ?


But of course Edu Li-f-e is not the same as Edulife. Spelling is important in the computer world :frowning:

This is how i did hash check on DVD before trying it live from a usb

I only installed on one machine, but it worked fine there. I did boot successfully (using a USB rather than DVD) on another machine. I’m assuming that you are referring to “openSUSE-Edu-li-f-e-12.3-1-i686.iso”.

It’s hard to know what went wrong in your case, without more information.