Editing the Desktop's right click menu

First things first, I’ve just moved from Ubuntu with Gnome to openSuse with KDE. So I’m lost as doing some things in this environment. However, I’m loving what I’m seeing with suse/kde combo :slight_smile:

I’m planning on making an extensive right-click menu to categorize all my applications. Basically I want to have the “start” menu available to me when I right-click. I’ve google casually for a couple days and haven’t found much that helps, but I think its because I’m not using the correct keywords seeing as I’m new to this environment.

I have a feeling I’m going to have to make a [Desktop Entry], but I’m not sure how to handle hierarchy and stuff like that.

If anyone could help and post some code examples, that would be great.

The kde desktop is non-traditional in that it in itself is actually a part of plasma widgets and you can configure different types ‘activities’
If you right click and go to configure desktop you can configure the options available on right click
But why not just put a launcher widget on the desktop

Try this. Right click on the desktop (no need to unlock widgets) - the Desktop Settings dialogue opens (aka ‘standard menu’) - Mouse Actions - here you can assign dialogues or actions to mouse actions. To add the application launcher, you can reassign the existing entry for the right button from the standard menu to the application launcher by clicking on the drop down list. Or, create a new entry by clicking Add Action, defaults to Left Button - select Application Launcher from the list.

The application launcher you now have available from a mouse click on the desktop is the same hierarchy as the Applications category of the default Kickoff launcher on the bottom panel (you can customise Kickoff, too).

Or, like Caf suggest, add a launcher widget to the desktop. I sometimes have the Shelf widget on my desktop (I think its included out of the box). Unlock widgets- Add widgets - (or use the cashew in the top right corner to do the same) - search for Shelf from the widget panel that pops up - drag Shelf to the desktop - configure (Content - Add). Or try another widget, like Quick Launch.

V12Jaguar must have been a kde3 user too, and like him, i’ve set the right click mouse action to Application Launcher also… however, this worked perfectly till i tried 4.6 and although the option is still available, it’s broken. Functioned perfectly in 4.5… so, i’m unsure if any suggestion will actually help short term.

on a side note, there is a very handy python applet (which is not really a plasmoid) called PyRad that i’ve used for awhile that is super useful if you have a handful of oft used apps or scripts…it’s on kde-look.org… recommended :slight_smile:

btw, your nick makes me jealous V12

Currently using 4.5 so didn’t realise that this was broken on 4.6. I’m going to give PyRad a whirl… Don’t know much about KDE3, except when I was looking at distro’s 2 - 3 years ago, KDE3 reminded me of XP :sick:

And yes, I’ve got a V12 Jag - a 1981 XJS.